Founders & Team




Mr. Anthony Lam

Anthony is the founder of ELDERS HOME and ELDERS HOME PLUS. A Business Management graduate, Anthony has a strong passion for eldercare and show great interest in the medical healthcare industry. He left his fulltime management job to completely focus on setting up ELDERS HOME in 2013. To further enhance his knowledge in eldercare, Anthony take a step forward to continue his studies in the area of Psychology. Anthony is responsible for the overall operations and administrations of both facilities.



Dr. Lim Li Lian

Dr. Lim is the co-founder of ELDERS HOME and the CEO of ELDERS HOME PLUS. Graduated with MBBS from Manipal, India in 1997, Dr. Lim is a well-established medical doctor who also owns a private clinic. With her intensive experience as family doctor to many patients who are senior citizen, her medical knowledge in geriatric care is an advantage. Dr. Lim is also a certified Family Therapist with the International Psychology Centre. Dr. Lim is responsible for all medical related matters and she is also the main person who coach and develop nurses and physiotherapists to maintain their highest integrity and professionalism in their daily duties.

Team Members

Nursing Care Melaka
Nursing Care Melaka
Nursing Care Melaka

Our team consists of dedicated and qualified staffs in their respective fields: -

  • Management
  • Medical Doctor
  • Staff Nurse Supervisor
  • Staff Nurse
  • Physiotherapist
  • Nurse Aide
  • General Worker