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"Dr. Lim - 0ne of our founders"

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About Us Nursing Home Melaka, Nursing Care Melaka

ELDERS HOME, established in 2013 is located in a serene neighborhood at Taman Muhibbah, Klebang Besar. A former British colonial bungalow that comes with a well-maintained garden, ELDERS HOME is not just a care-giving facility but a home sweet home for the aged community. At ELDERS HOME, our residents will have the same feeling of being at home while their children are at work. Those who value their independence but at the same time require some assistance with daily activities or nursing care, this is a home that doesn’t smell like a hospital. This is their community.

Managed by an established medical doctor who is passionate and committed to the social well-being of the elderly, ELDERS HOME aims to prolong and to increase the quality of life after retirement. Nursing Home Melaka, Nursing Care Melaka