Major Services


Eldercare By Registered Nurses

Day Care or 24/7 Stay In
(Short / Long Term)


Health Monitoring By Own Medical Doctor


Medication Prescription By In-house Doctor


Post Stroke Care


Post Operative Care


Rehabilitative, Physiotherapy & Occupational Therapy


Palliative Care


24 Hours Nursing Care Services


Wound & Pressure Sore Dressing


Insertion of Tube / Catheter


Ryle Tube / PEG Feeding


Colostomy / Ileostomy / Tracheostomy Care


Set IV Line

ELDERS Home provides geriatric day care and nursing care services for senior citizens who need qualified care-givers to assist them in their daily lives. We will start to greet our resident starting from 8.00am and they will be ready to be picked up by their children or guardian after 6.00pm.

Operating hours – Mon to Fri (8am to 6pm), Sat (8am to 1pm), Sun – Off day. We can also modify the day-care hours to suit your preferred time, e,g 7am to 7pm, Mon to Sun (with some additional charges).

We understand that sometimes due to heavy workload, you might need to work overtime and if you are late, we will serve dinner for your loved ones while waiting for you without any charges.

Suitable for senior citizens or patients who need 24 hours geriatric care or nursing care. Our medical professional team comprises of staff nurses are working round the clock in 3 shifts. Charges are based on monthly basis.

We also provide short-term geriatric care to senior citizens and patients who need to recuperate after medical treatment, operations, surgery, chemotherapy or when you plan to go for a holiday.

You can either leave your loved ones with us on a day-care basis or 24hours stay in. Charges will be based on daily rates. Daily rate ranges from RM120 – RM200 per day.

**Note: All fees include daily physiotherapy by qualified in-house physiotherapist

Physiotherapy Services:

  • Cardio and endurance training
  • Balancing training
  • Post stroke care

Geriatrics cases are increasingly year by year. When one aging, body capabilities will decrease its performance accordingly with the age. In order to preserve or delaying the process aging of the body, exercising is one of the ways to prevent it. Geriatric physiotherapy was then been introduce and became a formally recognized specialty within physiotherapy in 1989.

Geriatric physiotherapy deals with problems of several different types in the older population. One type is issues that arise when an elderly person is out of the habit of moving and exercising and using their limbs. Physiotherapy will help to regain back its range of motion and help to regain optimum functional daily activities for them.

Geriatric physiotherapy not only beneficial for muscular or neurological cases but it can help with cardiovascular health as well. By giving the appropriate amount of exercise, it can not only help to regain the cardio endurance of a normal person but also as an aid recovery form for those who undergone heart surgery as well.

The concept or idea of a physiotherapy is not by giving exercises to restore a 80 year old elderly to their physically at 20, but is to make an elderly capable to be as active or functional to get around to the optimum realistic for them at 80.

Occupational Therapy Services:

  • Functional training comprises cognitive and perceptual training
  • Upper limb training
  • ADL training
  • Consultation on adaptive devices
  • Home modification

Occupational Therapy in Geriatric rehabilitation aims to enable the elderly to live with satisfactory life. Our therapies cover the cognitive and functional maintenance of them where they able to perform the activities within their capacity. Besides that, we also provide various activities which involve the residents with their independence in activities of daily living. Reminiscence therapy assists in enhancing their short and long term memory capacity. Cognitive and Perceptual training has the aim to prevent the regression of cognitive function tremendously. This will support the emotional growth of a person when they get older. This type of activities will nourish the brain plasticity thus enable the elderly enjoy the social surrounding which lead to meaningful life.

Reminiscence Therapy is a kind of therapeutic activity done in group where they talking about important event/history and relates with all group members. A theme/title will be chosen before starting the discussion. All members free to give out ideas and opinions related and taking turns to talk.

Activities of Daily Living training covers all activities done throughout a day. Elderly sometimes have certain limitations in performing those activities. Therefore, Occupational Therapist will assist them to know their strength which can be used in utilizing the task. Various assistive devices and modification of cutleries and daily tools (e.g: bathing, feeding and dressing equipments) can be taught to caregiver or prescribed to improve the performance level.

Home modification and rearrangement consultation also provided especially for Stroke cases which need proper setting after coming back home.

Daily Health Monitoring By Staff Nurse

A team of qualified staff nurses and physiotherapist will attend to all daily needs relating to resident’s healthcare, nursing care and rehabilitative care. Dr. Lim will do her routine medical check-up and health monitoring on every resident twice a week.

Dietician Approved Home Cooked Meals

Residents will be served with home-cooked meal by a local Chinese’s cook, carefully formulated by qualified dietician and in-house doctor.

Indoor And Outdoor Activities

It will be a full day filled with fun indoor & outdoor activities for our residents. We promote healthy lifestyle by encouraging our residents to join us in daily exercises.

The day starts with light exercises such as breathing exercises, light stretching and brisk walking. For residents who are undergone rehabilitative recovery, our in-house Physiotherapist will attend to them on a one-to-one session to personalize the appropriate programs according to their current conditions.

In the afternoon session, our residents will do their upper limb activities.

We do have other exciting activities for our residents who are not physically mobile. They can choose to play board games, mahjong, singing, watching Astro channels, listening to music, enjoying themselves sipping tea or coffee or just relax at the garden.